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If you have been severely burned by a defective pressure cooker you are not alone. Dozens of people have reported severe injuries from a dangerous pressure cooker to the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC)

Pressure cookers are marketed as time saving miracles that allow you to make gourmet meals in mere minutes – and the marketing preys on the frantic consumer trying to balance work, home and life. Unlike the old fashion stove top pots your grandmother used – these new electric pressure cookers promise “safety” convenience and speed.

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​This is what happens to people standing near the explosion from a defective pressure cooker

However, the promise of amazing meals in a fraction of the time comes with a risk that can cause severe life changing injuries. The defective pressure cooker lid – that is supposed to be locked in place – can unexpectedly come off causing the boiling hot contents to explode like a bomb covering everything and everyone in the room with molten hot liquids.

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This is what happened in a kitchen ….. the lid landed 10 feet away

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